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Correct Spellings and Pronunciations at a Glance


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Correct Spellings and Pronunciations at a Glance is a compilation of some common correct spellings and pronunciations of words on everyday usage. Correct spelling and pronunciation in this context refer to the British English spelling and pronunciation which still remain the standard usage in academic and other official environments.

This book is divided into two parts. Part I deals with words of not more than six letters while Part II features words of more than six letters. This arrangement makes it an ideal tool for dictation. For academic purpose, Part I should be ideal for pupils in the primary schools while secondary and university students should use Part II for practice. It's also interesting to say that the arrangement of the words in alphabetical order would make it easy for the user to find any word at a glance without much stress.

Product Details

  • Format: Hard Copy
  • Volume: 116 pages
  • Author: Sam Awa
  • Publisher: AfriNotes
  • Last Update: June, 2013
  • Language: English


Product Code: COR2VZGD94

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