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Little Foxes that Spoil Relationships


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Little Foxes that Spoil Relationships is a manual that will teach you things that you must know in order to start and keep any kind of relationships. In this book by Pastor Toni Ogobegwu, you'll learn:

*The value of people
*The vital place of communication in a relationship
*How people respond to us
*How to become the right person in a relationship
*How to deal with selfishness, a domineering personality, a jealous personality, an arrogant personality, an unteachable personality, a stubborn personality, a harsh personality and a defensive personality

Product Details

  • Format: Hard Copy
  • Volume: 60 pages
  • Author: Toni Ogobegwu
  • Publisher: Tongue of God
  • Last Update: 2006
  • Language: English


Product Code: LIT9M4D573

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