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Study Notes on ENG 307: Introduction to the Study of Meaning in English


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ENG 307: Introduction to the Study of Meaning in English course deals with meaning and the English language. It also focuses on different conceptions of meaning as references and as concepts. It focuses on types of meaning in English: word meaning (words and their dictionary meaning-homonyms, synonyms and antonyms), sentence meaning (ambiguity, paraphrase and other meaning properties and relations of sentences in English), utterance meaning (i.e. meaning and the context of utterances, utterances as speech acts and their social language, dialect, idiolect meaning vs. literal and non-literal meaning(s). All these are discussed thoroughly in this ebook.

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  • Format: Soft Copy (PDF)
  • Volume: 25 pages
  • Author: Sam Awa
  • Publisher: AfriNotes
  • Last Update: June, 2013
  • Language: English


Product Code: STUN2RV496

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