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The Turning Point


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Turning Point is a touching story by Ovie Peter. Tega, Gbenga and Daniel were friends from the same school. Gbenga and Daniel excelled in their academic works but Tega was rather dull. Tega's parents were indifferent to his academic prowess unlike Gbenga's parents who had hope in their child's ability. Daniel's turning point was in the hands of the Hot Boys, but would brilliant Bimbo cause a turning point in Tega's family? The Turning Point is a thrilling tale that proves that counsel is a spice in the meal of decision.

Product Details

  • Format: Hard Copy (Paper back)
  • Volume: 74 pages
  • Author: Ovie Peter
  • Publisher: Ritsam Ventures
  • Year of Publication: 2016
  • Language: English

Product Code: THED322066

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